Siphonic Rainwater Pipe

Our Siphonic Rainwater pipe range is designed for use with symphonic rainwater systems which remove large volumes of water quickly and cost-effectively from large, traffic-free roof areas.

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Siphonic drainage is a practical, fast and easy to install high-quality drainage solution which works using the negative vacuum pressure created by the difference in height between the drainage system output and the inlet.  Naylor manufactures a range of small diameter pipe which ensure easy concealment of the entire drainage installation, provide greater freedom in drainage system design and utilisation of a building’s interior space, and minimise the excavation work required.

Approved and certified to BS EN 1519 plastic piping system for soil and waste, Naylor Siphonic Rainwater pipes are available in sizes ranging from 50mm to 315mm diameter, and in lengths up to 13.5m.

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