Naylor Specialist Plastics Oxi-biodegradable Plastic Tree Guards are designed to protect your newly planted saplings against weeds, sprayed herbicides, and animal predators, allowing the tree to grow without damage.

Our new plastic tree guards are made from our unique biodegradable compound, with a lifetime of around 5 years. After 5 years (dependant on the environment), these tree guards will breakdown and dissolve into the soil.

Read on to find out why you should choose Naylor Specialist Plastics for your tree guard needs.

Do Plastic Tree Guards Work?

When it comes to planting new saplings, everyone wants to make sure that they are protecting their new trees for the most important part of their growth journey. This is where plastic tree guards come in. This robust solution protects the newly planted trees from sprayed herbicides and browsing animals, while promoting growth. Due to their construction, plastic tree guards can fully protect the tree throughout its establishment period, usually up to five years, but can be longer on challenging sites.

While these robust designs are great for protecting newly planted trees, traditional plastic tree guards are made from petrochemicals and aren’t biodegradable. This means that they should be removed after use and recycled, however, this isn’t always possible.

What are the alternatives to Plastic Tree Guards?

While the guards do the job of protecting the trees while they grow, they also harm the environment with their single use, plastic construction. There are a few alternatives to plastic tree guards, however, the cost and durability of these products are less than desirable. With many tree planters reporting that these alternative guards often snap. Despite claims that these guards are ‘eco’, many can take 200 years to fully break down.

What are the benefits of Naylor Plastic Tree Guards?

At Naylor Specialist Plastics, we know how important it is to protect your newly planted trees and the environment they are used in. That’s why we have developed the all-new Oxi-biodegradable Plastic Tree Guard:

  • Made from a biodegradable compound
  • Designed to last up to five years
  • Meets biodegradability standards
  • Breaks down into harmless materials
  • Can be stored for 12 months
  • Easy to handle and apply

Our new guards are made from a biodegradable compound that meets the ASTM standards D5510, D5208 and D6954 for biodegradability and independently tested with an external test house.

Due to the method used to make these guards, we can provide them in a variety of diameters and lengths to suit your individual needs. Including a telescopic pack containing a variety of sizes, reducing transport costs and packing, allowing us to utilise vehicles economically.

Our new tree guards are designed to maintain their shape and form for 5 years – dependent on the climate – after which point, the tubing will start to breakdown, coming away from the tree and leaving the grown sapling to continue growing in its natural environment.

The guard will then dissolve into the soil, creating it’s own microclimate at the base of the saplings, becoming a good source of food for microbes and fungi.

If you’re interested in using our new, biodegradable plastic tree guards get in touch with Wayne Mallaby on 01226 444388 or by email wayne.mallaby@naylor.co.uk.